Bee pitch, propolis 50g.


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Bee pitch - is the most powerful bee weapon in your fight against viruses and other microorganisms.

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In ancient times people knew that bee pitch (known as propolis) heals wounds, relieves pain, reduces swelling, and removes bad odor. Beekeepers first started using bee healing as a remedy, noticing that the hive or hive, where the bee family lives, is very clean.

Bee pitch - is yellow, dark brown or red-brown material collected by bee workers to protect the hive from infections. Pitch is known to have tremendous healing power, but not much else can be revealed today.

The spectrum of the effect of the pitch is quite wide: kills germs, viruses, fungi, inhibits inflammation, has antioxidant and biostimulatory properties. Of course, pitch, like other bee products, is used not only to get sick, but also for prophylactic and health enhancing purposes. In addition, pitch is the enemy of aging.

Bee pitch activates the human immune and hormonal systems. In addition, this natural substance almost double activates cellular metabolism and proliferation, leading to wound healing and suppression of various inflammations

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