If you have ever thought harder, looked more closely at the stories of you, your friends or relatives, you have certainly noticed a pattern. Rarely, everything goes like anointing with butter.
For many years we have been struggling in the carousel of the ups and downs, experiencing floods of joy, success, and a tearful of tears ..

Perhaps the paths of the Supreme were followed, or the wandering paths of destiny, or the paths of the fathers and grandparents, until we found our true calling, our place in life.



The great love, the post-war crisis, the move from the homeland, the Jutkoniai village of Kupiškis district, and the troubles of settling in Kaunas. Not only the youngest generation consumes millions. Only one extraordinary feature of the Kilku's mens is inherited from generation to generation - work and love for bees. For example, those who are not interested in what Zodiac constellation is born for, what they need to do for the future, where to live. It is so clear to all Kilkis: under the bee sign, they will live with bees, with honey. For many years, this hardworking family has been cultivating beekeeping traditions with a generation of friendship cardboard.


No one was surprised when the fourth-generation beekeeper, Svajunas, who had started a family with Erika, baptized her pregnant daughter in the name of Austeja, the bee goddess. The little one, so far called affectionately by Austyte, already knows more about the bees then a student. Because everywhere you go with your parents to bees, you understand the crunch of work and you hear explanations, you are interested in the field. Both the hives, the feeders, the frames, and the honeysuckle have the same peculiarity as her other lego bricks, dolls or computer games. Even the true beekeeper costume made his parents amazed - his three-year-old learns the craft and business of dignity and safety.


When Svajūnas' great-grandfather Povilas 1921 found a swarm in the meadow, brought him home, and injected his own hive from the log, he probably could not have thought that a citizen would be able to create joy and business in the family after a century. Not only great-grandparents Kilku's, but also their grandparents Damalakai, went a long and difficult way in beekeeping. Kėdainiai district was famous for being curious and skillful beekeepers in the village of Antušava. For years, Svajūnas 'dad Povilas and mom Vida, who has been protecting bees from disease, planting specialized grass and bees' favorite woody shrubs, have something to share with their son. They know a lot about hive craftsmanship, about the selection of queens, about healing with syrups.


The family of Erika and Svajūnas Kilkis now cannot imagine their life otherwise - they have plunged their beekeeping into their heads. The bees even landed them from Kaunas!
A young family with a full apiary moves to a farmstead in Dzūkija, surrounded by forests and a lake.
For the bees to have nothing, just to keep the honey clean and healthy. The centuries-long experience of course has helped expand the apiary.
However, both Erika and Svajūnas had a lot to learn (and they are still running seminars), and the European Union helped farmers, with the help of their relatives and friends, to set up a strawberry farm.


Buyers know that bees carry honey only during the warm season, and beekeepers will confirm that they harvest the honey all year round. Work lawns work: product storage needs to be taken care of, beehive upgrades, transportation, trade contracts, and tasteful aesthetic packaging. Kilku's sincerely takes care that fresh honey reaches the consumer without intermediaries - they trade at fairs and markets themselves, and deliver the ordered products home. New farm apiary buildings have been launched, development for up to 250 families is planned, and a residential house has been designed nearby. Others would complain, succumb. But Kilkis just waves his hand in concern and assures him, "Everything is easily overcome when you work honestly, take pride in your kinship tradition, learn sincerely, and develop with love the future of your family."

With love,

Svajūnas, Erika, Austėja and Kilku's bees!

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