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Bee Pollen

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Bee pollen contains small amounts of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Bee pollen refers to the flower pollen that collects on the legs and bodies of worker bees. It can also include some nectar and bee saliva. Pollens come from many plants, so the contents of bee pollen can vary significantly.





Honey bee products

Bee pollen contains a powerful and easily assimilated source of B vitamins, minerals, free forming amino acids, and protein. Supplement with a handful for powerful energy support on-the-go.  

How Do You Take Bee Pollen?

First, you must note that when taking bee pollen, just like any other bee products, you must proceed with caution due to an effect it can have on people who are allergic to bee products. Adults can try adding bee pollen a ¼ teaspoon at a time and can increase their daily intake to two tablespoons a day. Children can eat bee pollen, too, and should start with only a few granules.

What Does Bee Pollen Taste Like?

It's important to note that taste is relative - what tastes one way to one person, might taste another way to someone else. My personal taste of bee pollen is powdery, floral, and slightly bitter but sweet. 

How Do You Store Bee Pollen?

The best place to store your bee pollen is in the refrigerator or freezer, or in a cool, dark place like a pantry. Keep it away from UV radiation (i.e. sunlight) as heat will diminish the nutritional value of pollen. When stored properly, it can keep for about three years.

10 Ways To Use Bee Pollen:

Now that you know all of its great benefits, it's good to know how to use it in your daily diet.

Stakich Bee Pollen products are all natural and pure with no additives. Our Bee Pollen has never been heated or dried so all of its enzymes are kept intact, providing you with all the nutritional benefits your body needs. 

 Note: Bee pollen can cause severe allergic reactions in some people. Do not consume it if you are allergic to bees. The information on this website has been provided for educational purposes only. We are not certified health professionals and are unqualified to offer medical advice.  Talk to your doctor before introducing any new foods into your diet.

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